Methodology, Impact and Background

I believe that creative direction (encompassing art direction, copy, UX and functionality) is key to any successful product or project, any service, or installation. 

Technical fidelity can be improved, changed or altered, but a change in creative direction effectively means a new product. That understanding of the entire ecosystem of project development allows me to integrate into a team quickly, understanding the technologies involved and the limitations present. It allows me to create compelling copy quickly and effectively, completely aware that project leadership is far more often a conversational development. 

I'm a firm believer in developing skills on multiple fronts, which has allowed me to fill varied roles over my career with complimentary skill sets. Starting out as a fully qualified lighting designer, I worked in the London Fringe for several years - where the highlight was being able to light a show for world renowned group PunchDrunk on an R+D project that would become The Drowned Man.

I then began to work in Media and Advertising - with industry leading production agency UNIT9, where I founded and developed the copywriting department, working on a huge array of projects for all industries, eventually part of a team winning the 2014 Emmy for Outstanding Creative Achievement in Interactive Media. Soon after I began to lead projects, and move from simply copy writing to creative project direction and technical consultancy becoming heavily involved in the theatrical and site-specific installation projects. I was also the lead writer for UNIT9 Apps, a digital creation division that specialised in games, apps and other interactive experience where I headed the entire narrative for a full mobile RPG Decromancer.

After a short break writing freelance, I returned to online media to continue working with more linguistic skills and a faster paced media outlet. Whilst working as one of the Managing Editors at WhatCulture.com I redesigned the way contributing writers were introduced to the website, ensuring the process they went through as preparation included instruction on submitting work in the house style, formatting, structure, quality and quantity of writing expected and so on. This raised efficiency of editing website wide, and proved to cause an increase in readership over the short term. As a writer with WhatCulture, I generated more than 1.5 Million views and over 25,000 Facebook shares of my articles and content.

Continuing my previous gaming work with UNIT9 Apps, I returned to the gaming industry in 2014 as a freelance Technical Writer. I spent the majority of the time with Preliminal Games, co-developing a pipeline to allow any writer to contribute game content with a minimum of technical knowledge. We allowed a creative to create content, test in-engine and output directly to a parsing engine that the game proper would imbibe; resulting in a huge increase in productivity representing months of development and testing. We used a mixture of HTML, C#, and a custom parsing engine to interpret a Twine export (or any XML file) into Unity3D. This, along with several other tools and innovations will be available on the Unity Store in 2016.

I then moved to the Finance Industry, heading up Westminster Money Ltd as the de-facto Acting Director. As such I'm responsible for the entirety of the company, including all the projects we develop - primarily for our sister company Westminster Wealth Management LLP. As well as projects, I oversee direction, company wide decisions and liaise with the CEO and Directors of Westminster Wealth Management. As my role is somewhat responsive to unforeseen changes, I also lead all marketing efforts for both companies, all technical developments and infrastructure developments on a project basis, and guide the business innovation and development departments for both firms.