Experienced Copywriter, Creative Technological Project Lead, and Creative Consultant (Specialising in Front End Design and Development, UX/UI and Narrative Orchestration).

Currently working as Acting Director and Marketing Manager for Westminster Money Ltd - a marketing and special projects agency subsidiary for Westminster Wealth Management LLP.


Detailed CV and Experience


Entrepreneurial, ambitious and always striving to improve, I have worked across several industries with comprehensive experience in roles from Freelance Writer through to Acting Director. I am now seeking an innovative and creative role with the opportunity for growth and self improvement. I have developed extensive skills in effective and award winning writing, design (both creative/graphic and UI/UX), technical creation (whether through code/web development platforms or design suites such as InDesign and AutoCAD), and I can envision, organise, plan and lead large projects through to successful launch.


Marketing Manager, Westminster Wealth — June 2015 - Present

Working as de facto Acting Director I am responsible for an extremely wide range of large projects, as well as all project direction, company wide decisions and company finances - as part of the subsidiary nature of the company; liaising with the CEO and directors of the sister firm - Westminster Wealth Management LLP. I am also in charge of all marketing efforts, technical development, and business innovation and development efforts for both firms. Project planning and costing, technical development, and management of external providers is entirely my remit. My ability to manage my own and others time and work, and develop unwieldy projects with little support has been invaluable.

Technical Writer, Freelance — November 2014 - June 2015

Operating as both a writer, game designer and technical writer for various indie game companies; most notably Preliminal Games. As a technical writer at Preliminal I was in charge of developing a pipeline that allowed any writer to create content, test in-engine and output to a parsing engine for the game proper to imbibe; under the assumption that the writer had zero technical capabilities. We used a mixture of HTML, C#, and a custom engine to interpret a Twine export file into Unity3D. This, along with several other tools and innovations I helped to develop, will be available on the Unity Store and other outlets.

Managing Editor, WhatCulture.com — June 2014 - November 2014

Part of a team of Managing Editors who controlled content flow, feasibility and suitability for the WhatCulture.com site, working directly with content producers to improve their work and ensure that it meets the house style guide. Managing Editors are also expected to be able to produce their own high quality content as an example for other writers, as well as B2B and B2C materials for the promotion of the company, externally and internally. In the role I generated 1Million+ views and 25,000 Facebook shares.

Lead Writer, UNIT9 / APPS — June 2013 - May 2014

Employed as lead writer and interactive specialist for award-winning, large scale projects including interactive films, games, apps and bespoke websites. Clients include Google, Arcade Fire, Nestle, LG, Nike, Reebok, Shell, Phillips and the German Government and Man + Hatchet. - Notable Projects Include Arcade Fire’s “Just A Reflektor” and UNIT9 Apps’ RPG Decromancer. (iOS, Android.)

Director/Writer, "1946" — January 2013 - June 2013

The director, author and facilitator of a one hour film noir stage play set in post World War Two New York. The play was a critical and financial success in a London fringe theatre. The role encompassed the recruitment, management and guidance of a team of twenty eight people from many disciplines, for several months. 

Writer, Freelance — April 2012 - January 2013

Employed as a freelance content creator and technical writer for various short term contracts. Most notably for Google Zoo, operating an SEO campaign over a two month period with social media content, blog post content and print media content; on all major digital platforms including VK.


Rose Bruford College, University Of Manchester — Lighting Design (BA HONS) 2010-2013

BTEC National Diploma (equivalent to 4 A-levels), 4 AS-Levels, 11 GCSEs — King Edward VII College 2006 — 2010


  • HTML/CSS -Intermediate
  • AutoCad Design Suite - Intermediate
  • Unity3D -Intermediate
  • Windows/Mac OS/Google Drive - Intermediate/Advanced
  • InDesign Suite
  • Creative Project Development
  • Development and Management Of A Team
  • Copy Writing
  • Technical Writing
  • Editing & Proofreading
  • Narrative & Interaction Designer
  • SEO/Advertising
  • Javascript - Basic/Intermediate
  • Complete Marketing Mix
  • Holistic Project Management
  • Company Finance Control
  • Advanced Budgeting


Emmy - Outstanding Creative Achievement In Interactive Media - ‘’Just A Reflektor’’

Awwwards - Site Of The Day - Arcade Fire/Vincent Morriset “Just A Reflektor”

Awwwards - Site Of The Month - Arcade Fire/Vincent Morriset “Just A Reflektor”

FWA - Site Of The Day - Arcade Fire/Vincent Morriset “Just A Reflektor”

FWA - Cutting Edge Site Of The Week - Arcade Fire/Vincent Morriset “Just A Reflektor”

 The Lovie Awards - Gold Winner For Best Use Of Interactive Video - Lifesaver: A New Way To Learn CPR

The Lovie Awards - People’s Lovie Award For Best Use Of Interactive Video - Lifesaver: A new way to Learn CPR

FWA - Mobile Of The Day - Decromancer

CampaignLive - Ad Of The Week - ManPlusHatchet’s Withings


Decromancer - Lead Writer

“The games gorgeous hand-drawn graphics, a truly captivating storyline, and a highly addictive style of gameplay make Decromancer an absolute must download.” -Super Game Droid

Arcade Fire’s “Just A Reflektor” - Lead Copywriter 

“Arcade Fire’s interactive music video bends minds and defines music” - Wired Magazine