Digital art and interactive storytelling applied to a live dance performance using Kinect motion capture and video mapping. 

A collaboration with Exzeb Dance Company.

My role within Artism was as a stage manager, a lighting designer and technician and a theatrical production manager, with all associated responsibilities extending to set design and construction, logistical organisation, 3D Modelling and CAD plan preparation; amid a myriad of many responsibilities. I also supervised all copy used in public promotional materials.

Artism was a whimsical triptych proposing new approach to dance, exploring the notion from philosophical, sociological or artistic point of view. In 2011, Exzeb presented Act I as the “uncompromising documentary” of the dancer. Encompassing text, voiceover and digital projections it gave voice to the one who’s often anonymous.

Artism Act II is a “study” of movement . Movement seen as concept, theory and perception. Eric Nyira, Exzeb founder and choreographer, wanted to present to the audience with 4 entirely new perspectives, to showcase movement as never-seen before, through digital art and interactive storytelling. This is where our talented team stepped in.