Decromancer: The Battle Card RPG


Specialised in delivering casual gaming experience, the developers at UNIT9 Games wanted to take a step further and create a game with a much deeper gameplay and more complex design. Decromancer is a tactical battle card RPG that puts the player at the core of a whirlwind adventure across an epic single player campaign!

My role within Decromancer was as the lead copywriter, narrative orchestrater and head writer, as well as operating as a creative consultant for the game, feeding back and offering suggestions on gameplay, flow and pacing, quest design, art assets and UI flow. This was a large and fulfilling project, with roughly 25,000 lines of unique dialogue/copy and growing as the game is expanded. Huge amounts of world building was required, from internal game development lore, narrative planning, race relations documents all the way through to in game descriptors, quest dialogue and loadings screen tips.

Some examples of copy can be found below, by hovering over the artwork from the game. Many, many more examples can be found on the games official Tumblr