Stage Play: 1946

1946 Block.jpg

A full hour length stage play, written in an attempt to contextualise theatre in a world dominated by cinema and to utilise the tropes of cinema within theatre. The play was designed to be a live action Film Noir murder mystery, with all the twists and turns that follow.

1946 was my first professionally produced play, as principal writer and director. I orchestrated the organisational and creative processes needed in order to bring the play to stage, overseeing and managing a team of 28 over a period of many months. The play was well reviewed and profitable, and has been held in store by multiple theatres as a work of merit to be staged in the future. 

A sample can be found below. If the sample does not load properly, attempt to refresh the page. Alternatively there is a download link below that will also open natively on all modern browsers. 


Download Link: 1946